Mod. 96 Beryl Assault Rifle

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Mod. 96 Beryl Assault Rifle

The 5.56 mm Mod. 96 Beryl Assault Rifle is an individual selective fire automatic weapon for infantry, airborne and other troops. It is a reliable, accurate, enduring and robustly built rifle, resistant to the environmental challenges.

Sights are open, U-notch type, fitted with integrated tritium-lit night sights, enabling accurate fire both during the day and after dark. For enhanced handling a new, ergonomic pistol grip and optional front grip (fixed to the handguard or detachable using the integrated RIS interface) were fitted.

Beryl has a rifle grenade capability with bullet-trap grenades, enabling live rounds to be used for launching. The stock is rigid, telescoping with optional side-folding stock available. The upper and lower handguard integrated Picatinny rails (MIL-STD-1913 compatible) enable mounting of the different optoelectronic sights.


Technical Data:

Caliber: 5,56  x 45 mm NATO
Muzzle velocity (for SS109-type ball ammunition): V0= 920 m/s
Muzzle energy (for SS109-type ball ammunition): E0= 1690 J
Firing mode: Single, Burst (3 rds), Cyclic
Cyclic rate of fire: 700 rpm
Effective range: 600 meters
Sight settings: 100-1000 meters in 100 m increments
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Method of operation: gas-operated weapon
Number of lands in the bore: 6
Rifling pitch: 228 mm
Length with stock extended: 980 mm
Length with stock retracted: 910 mm
Barrel length: 457 mm
Sighting radius: 372 mm
Weapon, empty: ok. 3650 g
Magazine (30 rds) empty: ok. 185 g
Magazine (30 rds) loaded: ok. 554 g