Beryl M22

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Beryl M22

The Beryl M22 semiautomatic-only rifle is a civilian-legal clone of the mod.96 Beryl assault rifle. It is a reliable, accurate, enduring and robustly built rifle, resistant to environmental challenges.

Sights are open, u-notch type, fitted with integrated tritium-lit night sights, enabling accurate fire both during the day and after dark. For enhanced handling a new, ergonomic pistol grip and optional front grip (fixed to the handguard or detachable using the integrated RIS interface were fitted.

The upper and lower handguard integrated with picatinny rails (MIL Std 1913 compatible) enable mounting of the different optoelectronic sights.

Akcesoria i części zamienne do karabinków Beryl, Mini Beryl, BERYL S 223, MINI–BERYL S 223


Caliber 0.22 lr
Muzzle velocity V0 = 1148 ft./s (350 m/s)
Muzzle energy E0 = 315 j
Firing mode Single
Efective range 164 yd. (150 m)
Magazine capacity 20 rnd.
Trigger mechanism Single action with internal hammer
Mechanical safety Blocking hammer, breachblock and trigger
Method of operation Blowbeck operational
Sighting radius 19.5” (496 mm)
Berrel length 18” (457 mm)
Number of lands in the bore 8
Length with stock retracted ~36” (910 mm)
Length with stock extended ~38.5” (980 mm)
Weight of empty weapon 7.7 lbs. (3500 g)