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The BERYL S 762 is a center-fire semi-automatic rifle for single fire only. BERYL S 762 is an ergonomic weapon equipped with a telescopic stock allowing for the rifle to be custom-tailored to a specific shooter, while increased manipulator significantly improves the speed and comfort of use at a shooting range. A standard package includes a quick-disconnect Stanag 4694 rail that allows to mount optoelectronics or optics, as preferred by a shooter. Thanks to the RIS rail system applied on gun carriage and fire crest it is possible to mount a wide range of accessories, e.g. grips, indicators, etc. The ammunition applied and its ballistic features ensure an effective and inexpensive shooting training.

Akcesoria i części zamienne do karabinków Beryl, Mini Beryl, BERYL S 223, MINI–BERYL S 223

Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
Muzzle velocity: V0 = 715 m/s
Muzzle energy: E0 = 1991 J
Firing mode: Single
Type of action: gas-operated weapon
Number of grooves: 4
Rifling pitch: 240 mm
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Length with telescopic stock extended: 940 mm
Length with a telescopic stock retracted: 870 mm
Barrel length:  419 mm
Weapon, empty: ca. 3600 g