223 S Beryl M1 kal. 223 Rem

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The 223 S BERYL M1 is a semi-automatic weapon powered by 223 Rem ammunition. The rifle has a cold-forged chrome-plated barrel with exceptional precision, allowing for accurate fire up to a distance of 600 meters. The rifle are equipped with AK type sights standard. The precision of the fire can be enhanced (optional) by mounting a quick-detachable  Picatinny  rail  which enables the installation of various types of optoelectronic devices. The translucent 30-round magazine allows for full control of the ammunition loaded into it.

The weapon works with most of the AK magazines in caliber  223 Rem.

Technical data:

Caliber 223 Rem
Muzzle velocity: Vo= 920 m/s
Muzzle energy: Eo=1690 J
Rate of fire: Semi Auto
Operation: Gas operation, rotating bolt
Barrel length: 457 mm/18″
Twist rate: 228 mm – 1/9”
Magazine capacity: 10, 30 rnd.
Sight length:  ~ 370 mm/14,5″
Lenght  959 mm/ 37 3/4″
Witout magazine: 3,24 kg / 7,15 lbs
With magazine  3,4 kg / 7,5 lbs

The weapon can be optionally equipped with:

  • telescopic stock of the Beryl rifle;
  • the pistol grip of the Beryl rifle;
  • lower and upper handgourad with rails in Picatinny standard of the Beryl rifle;
  • quick-detachable  Picatinny  rail of the Beryl rifle.

All the above-mentioned elements are available from our US distributors.


Weapons in this configuration currently available only on the US market through companies