9 mm BRS 00 FX Training System

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9 mm BRS 00 FX Training System


The BRS FX Training Set is intended for selective-fire and semiautomatic-only Glauberyt family of blowback 9 x19 mm Luger weapons, i.e. for PM-98, PM-06 and BRS-99. It enables semiautomatic fire o­nly independent of the trigger mechanism type.

The set consists of barrel and breechblock, specially fitted to work with FX™ and CQT™ training ammunition. The FX™ ammunition features projectiles filled with water-soluble paint in five different colors. The paint splashes o­n impact, leaving a spot harmlessly marking the POI, thus enabling realistic force-on-force training in CQB, hostage-freeing or VIP-protection scenarios.

The CQT™ ammunition features a hard plastic bullet for safe initial or advanced tactical firearms training in enclosed spaces. Eye-protection is mandatory for training sessions with either type of the training ammunition.

Manufacturer guidelines provided o­n packaging should always be followed during any training employing the FX™ or CQT™ ammunition.


Technical data of the glauberyt – class weapon with Training System:

Caliber: 9 mm
Round: 9 mm FX/CQT
Muzzle velocity (FX): V0= 110 mps
Muzzle velocity (CQT): V0= 150 mps
Firing mode: semiautomatic-only
Tactical firing range: 15 m
Barrel length: 185 mm