The 5.56 mm wz. 96 BERYL Assault Rifle is an automatic weapon designed for infantry units, airborne forces, and other branches of the armed forces. It is an accurate, reliable, durable, and resistant firearm to adverse environmental conditions. The rifle features open sights, notch type, equipped with integrated tritium light sources for day and low-light aiming.

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The 5.56 mm Automatic Subcarbine wz. 96 Mini-Beryl is a shortened version of the wz. 96 Beryl Assault Rifle, designed for soldiers in need of a weapon with comparable firepower but smaller dimensions.

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The 7.62 mm Beryl M762 Assault Rifle is an individual automatic firearm designed for shooting 7.62x39 mm ammunition.

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GROT C16 FB-M1 is a modern system with innovative solutions in the field of modular firearms on a global scale. It is a completely Polish design. The system allows for creating different configurations of firearms in stocked and bullpup layouts:Basic carbine with a grenade launcher Subcarbine High-precision carbine Machine carbineModular construction allows for creating a variety of design solutions based on basic elements such as the barrel assembly, bolt assembly, and slide assembly. Quick modification of the firearm by the end-user depending on needs. High ergonomics and full adaptation for both right- and left-handed users. Adapted to the modern and future battlefield.

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