29 January 2024

UrVIS - White Weapons from the Radom "Łucznik"

A limited edition of UrVIS knives from the Fabryka Broni label has just been released for sale on the civilian market. Although it has nothing to do with a real troublemaker, it can stir up enthusiasts of edged weapons, survival, collectors, as well as shooters, especially fans of the legendary VIS wz. 35.UrVIS is unique in many ways. It was created in collaboration with a company specializing in hand-forged knives made from the highest quality steel. It made its debut at last year's International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce and generated immense interest.

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22 December 2023

2023 - the year of the premiere of a new design from the Fabryka Broni

The Company from Radom summarizes the past year and plans for the coming yearThe Łucznik Weapon Factory in Radom, Ltd. can consider 2023 a successful year. It was a time not only of intense production work but also of an exceptional premiere. During this year's edition of the International Defense Industry Exhibition, a completely new product, entirely designed and produced by the Radom Company, was presented. We are talking about the Modular Semi-Automatic Pistol (MPS). In 2023, part of the work related to the implementation of the project named "Expansion of production capacity of the Łucznik Weapon Factory - Radom Ltd.," aimed at increasing the production capacity of the facility, was also completed.

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03 November 2023

One hundred thousand GROT rifles in the service in Poland

The one hundret-thousandth unit of the MSBS GROT rifle has rolled off the production line at the "Łucznik" Radom Arms Factory. Soon, it will be incorporated into the equipment of the Polish Armed Forces, which have received nearly 100 thousand units of this weapon. A special moment for the Radom facility was captured in a commemorative photograph of those who contributed to the success of the company's flagship product - employees and management.

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16 October 2023

In tribute to the fallen workers of the Arms Factory!

On Saturday, October 14th of this year, commemorations took place marking the 81st anniversary of the execution of the workers of the Arms Factory by German occupiers in 1942. The ceremony occurred at the monument commemorating the murdered and the victims of World War II. At the site of the first execution on October 14, 1942, the Nazis hanged 15 people, including 14 workers from the Radom facility, in front of the entire Arms Factory staff and the city's residents. The execution was meant as a warning against removing weapons from the factory, thereby supporting the Armed Struggle Union.

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20 September 2023

Polish Prime minister in "Łucznik" Factory

On Wednesday, September 20th of this year, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki met with the staff of the Łucznik-Radom Arms Factory. The facility produces weapons used by soldiers and officers guarding the eastern border of Poland.

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11 September 2023

"Łucznik" Factory at MSPO 2023!

This year's International Defence Industry Exhibition has come to an end. Over the four days, thousands of people, hundreds of delegations from around the world, dozens of important figures, and military enthusiasts visited the MSPO fair. The entire edition of MSPO this year was exceptional in every aspect. For the Arms Factory, the premiere of the new Modular Semi-Automatic Pistol MPS proved to be a great success!

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30 August 2023

Premiere of the new product from the Arms Factory at MSPO!

This year's International Defence Industry Exhibition promises to be exceptional for the Arms Factory. On the first day of the event, which takes place annually at the Kielce Fair and attracts crowds of visitors, the premiere of the company's new construction will take place! In addition to that, the Arms Factory will present its flagship products in the field of individual armament in various configurations and solutions.

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27 June 2023

The MSBS GROT rifle from Radom was the star of the GROTowisko 2023 conference and shooting competition.

Over two hundred participants took part in shooting competitions at the Bellona shooting range in Marynin on Sunday, June 25th. It was part of the three-day event called GROTowisko 2023. For the third time, it was organized by the Territorial Defense Forces Command in cooperation with the Łucznik-Radom Arms Factory. It serves as an exchange of experiences between end-users of the MSBS GROT rifle produced in Radom and its manufacturer.

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19 June 2023

Ukrainian Media Visits the Arms Factory!

Four Ukrainian television stations: Natsionalna Suspilna Teleradiokompaniia, ICTV, TV Kyiv, and Espreso TV, visited the Arms Factory. The journalists' stay in Poland was organized by the Polish Institute in Kyiv in collaboration with the PGZ Company. At the Arms Factory, reporters had the opportunity to learn about the history of the facility, including its historic weapons, and, above all, to familiarize themselves with modern designs—primarily the MSBS GROT rifle, which is used on the Ukrainian front. Journalists recorded their visit to the Arms Factory for their stations, and Member of the Board of the Arms Factory, Seweryn Figurski, answered their questions.

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