30 August 2023

Premiere of the new product from the Arms Factory at MSPO!

This year's International Defence Industry Exhibition promises to be exceptional for the Arms Factory. On the first day of the event, which takes place annually at the Kielce Fair and attracts crowds of visitors, the premiere of the company's new construction will take place! In addition to that, the Arms Factory will present its flagship products in the field of individual armament in various configurations and solutions.

This year, from September 5th to 8th, for the 31st time, the Kielce Fair will open its doors to the International Defence Industry Exhibition, under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland - Andrzej Duda. MSPO is one of the three largest defense events in Europe, hosting exhibitors from Poland and abroad. The Arms Factory has been a part of it since the first edition! It will also be present this year at the joint stand of the Polish Armaments Group. All interested parties will find it in hall C (PGZ Shooting Zone).

"This year's edition of MSPO will be exceptional for us, primarily because of the premiere of a new product that our team of specialists has been working on. I can only reveal that it is an element of individual armament and, like our previous designs, it has a modular character. I invite everyone who wants to get to know this product better to the MSPO 2023 trade fair and the official product premiere," says Dr. Wojciech Arndt, CEO of the Łucznik-Radom Arms Factory.

During this year's MSPO, the Arms Factory will present a rich assortment of products from its portfolio. Visitors to the fair will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the MSBS GROT rifle family, available in various calibers, with different barrel lengths, and in both conventional and bullpup configurations.

There will also be the MSBS GROT grenade launchers - underslung and standalone, as well as the MSBS 762N sniper rifle, which will compete for the DEFENDER 2023 award in a competition for exhibitors presenting the most advanced solutions used in various defense sectors. The company will also showcase designs from the BERYL rifle family and the semi-automatic VIS 100 pistols.

As every year, we count on great interest in our products. Some already know them well and use them, even in challenging combat conditions, while others would undoubtedly like to get to know them. The International Defence Industry Exhibition is an excellent time not only to view products, hear professional information about them, and receive objective assessments but also a great time to engage in business talks that can ultimately result in potential contracts," says Seweryn Figurski, Member of the Board of the Łucznik-Radom Arms Factory.



UrVIS - White Weapons from the Radom "Łucznik"

A limited edition of UrVIS knives from the Fabryka Broni label has just been released for sale on the civilian market. Although it has nothing to do with a real troublemaker, it can stir up enthusiasts of edged weapons, survival, collectors, as well as shooters, especially fans of the legendary VIS wz. 35.UrVIS is unique in many ways. It was created in collaboration with a company specializing in hand-forged knives made from the highest quality steel. It made its debut at last year's International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce and generated immense interest.

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2023 - the year of the premiere of a new design from the Fabryka Broni

The Company from Radom summarizes the past year and plans for the coming yearThe Łucznik Weapon Factory in Radom, Ltd. can consider 2023 a successful year. It was a time not only of intense production work but also of an exceptional premiere. During this year's edition of the International Defense Industry Exhibition, a completely new product, entirely designed and produced by the Radom Company, was presented. We are talking about the Modular Semi-Automatic Pistol (MPS). In 2023, part of the work related to the implementation of the project named "Expansion of production capacity of the Łucznik Weapon Factory - Radom Ltd.," aimed at increasing the production capacity of the facility, was also completed.

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Quotation Inquiry Case No. 23/TU/2023 Restoration of the Galvanizing Plant

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Quotation Inquiry Case No. 28/TU/2023 Purchase of Laser Interferometer XL80

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Quotation Inquiry Case No. 34/HM/2023

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Procurement Procedure No. 32/P1/2023

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Quotation Inquiry Case No. 41/NJ/2023

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Request for quotation case no. 40 / NJ / 2023 regarding the purchase of a Vickers microhardness tester - 1 pc.

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Request for quotation case no. 42 TU 2023

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Łucznik Arms Factory at the Pro ARMA Firearms Enthusiasts' Gathering in Lublin

Łucznik Arms Factory "Łucznik" – Radom sp. z o.o. participated in the V Nationwide Gathering of Firearm Enthusiasts Pro ARMA in Lublin. In addition to showcasing their contemporary designs, the company presented historical gems at their booth, attracting significant interest from visitors.

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