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This edition of the “Open Door of Fabryka Broni” (ODoFB) has been passed around two anniversaries – 90th anniversary of Fabryka Broni and 80th anniversary of legendary VIS pistol, well known around the world. That’s why, crowds of people gathered in the front of Factory interested in weapons production, historical and contemporary weapons shows

Traditionally, the main attraction of the event was sightseeing of Fabryka Broni. Our Factory has been visited by over 2600 people. The visitors were impressed of the production halls and the entire process of weapon manufacturing.

80th anniversary of VIS pistol was celebrated by “Visowisko” show, and a VIS shooting tournament. “Visowisko” is an annual event which gathers fans of this iconic pistol. Fans of history could participate in an interactive history lesson. Fabryka Broni has invited many Polish associations and reconstruction groups, which made many attractions and in a very colorful and simple way brought us closer to the various military formations. From time to time the gunshots could be heard and rising gun smoke could be seen from old, still working exhibits brought by groups.

Additional attraction of ODoFB were: APC Rosomak and T-72 Tank – permanently besieged by a crowd of visitors.

“Open Door of Fabryka Broni” was an amazing educational event prepared for the whole families. We are glad that so many people attended in it.


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