New Fabryka Broni Plant Construction Has Begun

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On Monday, November 19, 2012, the symbolic „first spade” has been excavated at the site, where the new Fabryka Broni’s plant is going to be launched by Q2, 2014. This project, worth over 100 million PLN, is co-financed by the Industry Enhancement Agency (IEA) S.A. and the Bumar Group. The new plant is located outside Radom, within the EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Area, managed by the IEA.
The Fabryki Broni CEO, Mr. Tomasz Nita started by greeting distinguished guests, including Mrs. Ewa Kopacz, Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Mikołaj Budzanowski, the State Treasury Minister, Members of Parliament Mr. Radosław Witkowski and Mr. Marek Suski, Mr. Leszek Ruszczyk, the Vice-Marshal of the Mazovia Province, Mr. Andrzej Kosztowniak, the Radom City Mayor, Mr. Wojciech Dąbrowski, the Board President of Industry Enhancement Agency SA, Mr. Krzysztof Krystowski, the CEO of the Bumar Group, Mr. Ryszard Kardasz, the CEO of the Division Bumar Soldier, and other guests and media representatives.
In his speech, Mr. Nita said: ‘This is the defining moment in the history of our company. The sheer magnitude of the change we are about to launch, makes this effectively a new beginning for us. We have to build it o­n a solid basis of the renewed machinery, enabling our production to be all the more effective, to meet and exceed the new standards. We have to have our company thoroughly re-organized. We want our products placed o­n both domestic, and international market.’
Mrs. Kopacz said: ‘Beginning today, the new Fabryka Broni’s triangular logo will mark the Europe’s most modern small arms. I’m very glad that the money spent for this particular project, would not o­nly finance the new glamorous structures, but also the Europe’s most modern small arms manufacturing capability.’
Mr. Budzanowski addressed the Prime Ministers ‘second expose’: ‘Over a month ago, the PM announced a multibillion investment into Polish Army modernization and enhancement of our international defense markets competitiveness. Now we can see those words coming to fruition in front of our very eyes. We’re talking about the project that is to significantly modernize our defensive capability, as well as influence the local economy, by employing over 500 people at the construction of the new Fabryka Broni’s plant.


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