The MSBS-5,56 mm Press Presentation

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The MSBS-5,56 mm Press Presentation On August 14, 2012, the Fabryka Broni staged a press demonstration for domestic media of the effects of the R&D effort in Modular Small Arms System-5.56 mm (MSBS-5,56 mm) aka, area.
The MSBS rifle is a prototype of the enhanced individual automatic weapon, the design of which was financed from the Fabryka Broni’s own resources. This R&D project started in November 2011 and is scheduled to be concluded by December 2013. This is “Research & Development & Implementation” type of project, meaning that the end result is meant to be to start series manufacturing of the basic individual rifle complete with knife-bayonet and under barrel 40 mm grenade launcher by end 2013.
After the static display and presentation at the factory main building, the guests were transferred to Piastowo shooting range, where they were able to try the new weapon dynamically in practice. A shooting contest was held for the prizes, including a Cup sponsored by Mr. Tomasz Nita, the CEO of the Fabryka Broni, as well as Prize, sponsored by the head of the Military Technology University’s Department of Special Technologies, Mr. Ryszard Woźniak. The winner was Mr. Jarosław Lewandowski of the Strzał Gun Magazine


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