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The long-awaited training replica of the Polish M1996 Beryl Assault Rifle

ASG enthusiasts and militaria fans have waited for that opportunity for long years: a modern, faithfully executed, full-scope military training capable, including tactical, initial marksmanship and CQB training, replica of the 5.56 mm M1996 Beryl Assault Rifle will be available soon!

Realistic Training Replica

Faithfully replicates the original modern battlefield capable 5.56 mm M1996 Beryl Assault Rifle in every aspect.

Replica Capable of using Original Rifle Non-Essential Parts

The current Beryl ASG Replica is a 100% no-firearm with no parts of the military rifle being used, it is however fully-compliant with the original Beryl rifle, and can be readily customized with NON-ESSENTIAL parts – i.e. it would not accept parts needed to make it a functional firearm.

Faithfully Replicates the Polish Army’s Assault Rifle

The Beryl ASG replicates the original version of the Polish Army’s assault rifle down to every smallest detail externally. The weight, mass distribution, materials used, all contribute to offer an extraordinarily faithful representation of the Polish standard individual weapon.

Technical Data:

Manufacturer Ares
Material Metal/ABS
Hop up Adjustable
Fire Modes Single/Burst/Full
Weight 3350 G
Length 940/220 MM
Barrel length 455 MM
Magazine HI-CAP
Muzzle Velocity 400 FPS [120 M/S]
Muzzle Energy 1,4 JOULE


Beryl ASG Replica

  • Same logo and FB Radom legend as on the real thing
  • Unique serial number
  • Muzzle velocity improved with M120 spring
  • Metal, adjustable Hop-up System
  • High-end v.3 gear box with 8 mm bearings
  • Folding stock
  • Readily customized with real assault rifle equipment
  • The kit comprises of: replica-rifle, Hi-Cap magazine, battery, loader, cleaning utensils and manual